Family Violence

Family Violence


It probably comes as no surprise to you that both families and the relationships within them are inherently complex, intricate, and unique to each and every individual. While they can often be amongst the strongest bonds between people, they are also all too commonly and simultaneously some of the most tumultuous—and tragically, most traumatic—dynamics in a person’s life. Because of the extreme tension that typically accompanies these divisive family relationships, as well as the complexity that can often be challenging to unravel (especially when children are involved) seeking external help can be extraordinarily beneficial.

In fact, in Texas, most reported incidents of family violence sometimes result in an arrest and family violence is usually charged as a Class A misdemeanor. While these consequences are certainly impactful to the individual convicted, they also carry huge implications for the family as a whole. The penalties for the convicted individual include monetary fines and even the possibility of time spent in prison.

We’re here to be on your side as your professional, experienced team to help skillfully and confidently defend you against charges or accused criminal acts. No matter the allegations, our professional team at Nelson Defender is here to ensure that you don’t go your legal struggles alone.

More serious examples of family violence such as those that include the use of a weapon or involve an individual with a previous family violence conviction can change the charge to a felony. Family violence that falls into these and other more extreme scenarios will result in much harsher charges and subsequent penalties.

We want you to know one thing above all else—you are not alone. If you’re facing charges, dealing with family violence, or just need a professional to talk over your options with, we want to be that law office for you. Why? Because we see you as so much more than another person on the street facing an issue—we believe every human being has a story, a history, a life they can live out beautifully. We care, and because we care, we’re here to provide you with the legal, professional services you need to navigate the choppy, often tumultuous and frightening waters that make up the family dynamic. At Franzoni and Nelson, we are experienced in guiding our clients through the legal issues that can arise when a person is accused of family violence. We will work diligently to make sure that these accusations won’t ruin your family, reputation, and career.

If you face charges for any form of family violence, call the law offices of Nelson Defender at 281-459-0701 to schedule a free consultation with a seasoned Woodlands family violence attorney. We will fight to defend your rights and secure a just outcome for your case because we know that every human being out there has the right to live safely, securely, and happily.



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